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PACT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing disaster relief and supporting community development process in Rikuzentakata, a Japanese city devastated by the 2011 tsunami.

Our History:

Image of Rikuzentakata-city after the tsunamiOn March 11th 2011, Japan was struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami. PACT was established on the same year of July and became a nonprofit organization in the following year of October to aid Rikuzentakata, which is one of the cities affected by this disaster.
In Rikuzentakata, about 1800 precious lives were lost/still missing and about 22% of the city’s population still live in temporary housings (as of September 2014). Over 3,300 buildings were destroyed, which included city hall, hospital, schools, fire department, parks/recreations, etc. We have connected local residential volunteers and volunteer workers from outside of the city to work together in aiding Rikuzentakata. Not only are we providing disaster relief, we are aiming to support in the long-term community development process.

Our Mission:

We have lost almost everything from the Great East Japan Earthquake, however we have gained a valuable treasure: “people-to-people relationship.” We will treasure the relationships that were built and continue to connect people together so that each person in Rikuzentakata can regain a peaceful everyday life to move on forward to build a community full of hope.

What We Do:

Support Station staff working outside
Support Station iconReconstruction Support Station (i.e. volunteer center): During earlier stages, our main aid was removal of debris, searching for missing person, and supporting people who work for farming and fishing industries. Situation in the disaster area is continuously changing therefore we have created a system to be the bridge of the needs of local people and volunteers.
Kids playing in the room
'For Kids' iconFor Children: Most parks and recreations have been destroyed by the tsunami. In addition, school grounds are used for temporary housing, which limits children to play in safe areas.
We provide a program in collaboration with college students for children to play and work on homework.
A room at Futamata Reconstruction and Community Interaction Center
Futamata Reconstruction and Community Interaction Center iconFutamata Reconstruction and Community Interaction Center: There are many people who wish to visit Rikuzentakta, however majority of lodging sites were destroyed. Therefore, the local government has renovated a closed elementary school and transformed it into a center to accommodate visitors. As a designated administrator, we run this center, which is not only for guests, but also used by local communities and organizations for meetings and events.
*Please contact us by email, for room availability and reservation at the Futamata Reconstruction and Community Interaction Center.

Contact Us:

Staff of PACTWe have English-speaking staff available to assist your needs.


Office: 108-2 Nakajima Yonesaki-Cho
Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture
029-2206 Japan
Tel: +81192474977
Fax: +81192474978
E-mail: p@ct311.org

About PACT:

Tomonori Mizuno – Chairperson
Katsurou Kumagai – Board Member Sadao Sato – Board Member
Fumi Hagiwara – Board Member Hiroyuki Kuwakubo – Board Member
Takashi Matsumoto – Board Member Satoki Morimoto – Board Member
Nobuo Yoshida – Board Member
Shizue Kamimoto – Auditor

Support Our Work:

As we are a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on volunteers, grants and donations to keep our programs operating. Your contribution to PACT will help with disaster relief and supporting community development in Rikuzentakata. You can support our work in many ways, which includes:

  • Sending a donation
  • Becoming a child supporter
  • Participating in volunteer activities
  • Organizing a fundraising event

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to: p@ct311.org
Together we can make a difference!

Volunteer staff smiling under the clear sky